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Common Confusions


Our local IAM examiner, Dudley Martin, recently attended one of our regular social meetings. It was an excellent opportunity for Associates to meet Dudley and ask questions about the IAM examination from the man most likely to test them.

Dudley offered plenty of useful tips, and also went through some of the Common Confusions document recently released by the IAM. That document is attached here for you to download, read and digest at your leisure. Enjoy.

Common Confusions PDF

Mayor of Kirklees

Pictured above are some of the WYAMs membership who kindly volunteered to help marshal the Brian Robinson Challenge that took place on Sunday 29th April. Kevin Heap is depicted presenting a cheque to the Mayor of Kirklees for funds raised towards this year’s nominated charity, The Forget Me Not Trust. On the Mayor's left is Martyn Bolt who tirelessly manages and organises this highly respected cycling event.

The weather on the day was not good. A very wet and windy day meant the ride had to be re-rerouted and shortened whilst it was underway. This caused a few issues for some cyclists, but overall the event went really well and we were thanked by many of them as they battled the elements and the route.

Laila Milly

Laila Milly logo

 West Yorkshire Advanced Motorcyclists are pleased to help raise money for the Laila Milly foundation for 2014 “The aim of the charity is to raise funds for a Children’s day nursery, providing care for children aged 3 months to 5 years with serious illnesses and complex conditions.”


laila-quote 2


IAM News

Is 80 the new 70?

More than 70 per cent of drivers and riders think that the UK motorway speed limit should be increased by at
least ten mph according to an IAM poll of over 2000 people.

Not only do people feel that the limit should be higher, almost 60 per cent say they would be more likely to stick
to an 80mph limit than they are to the current limit of 70mph.

Nearly 60 per cent of people also admitted to travelling above 70 mph when traffic is free-flowing and uncongested,
with 20 per cent of those travelling at 80 mph or faster. The survey reflects the latest DfT research of free-flowing
motorway speeds, which found that 52 per cent of cars exceeded the 70 mph speed limit and 16 per cent travel
at 80 mph or faster.

IAM director of policy and research Neil Greig said: “Even though motorways are the safest roads, increasing the
motorway speed limit is a controversial subject. This is why we want to see a trial to test its impact on road
safety, fuel consumption and driver behaviour.

“A new 80 miles per hour limit would need to be properly enforced to make sure that it does not become an excuse
 to drive at 90.”
“Shortening journey times for people travelling at quieter times, as transport secretary Philip Hammond suggests.
is a good idea, providing it doesn’t have a negative effect on safety.”


If you would like to join our club and train for the advanced test, please contact our membership secretary:

Felicity Fuller
4 Moorvale,
Green Lane,
Marsden HD7 6AG

Telephone:  01484 847918

When you wish to start training, you will need to contact the training administrator to make an appointment for an initial assessment with a Senior Observer. Although it is not necessary for you to join the Group for this to be conducted, if, after your assessment ride, you would like an Observer allocated to you for further development and observed rides you will be asked to join.

You will then be an Associate Member of WYAMs, and an Observer will be allocated to you. When you have called our training administrator to activate your training, you should then phone the allocated Observer to make an appointment for your first observed ride. The number of rides you go on with your Observer will depend chiefly on the amount you need to learn until arriving at a standard where the Observer believes you will pass the IAM test. If you would like a different Observer at any time for any reason, just tell the Training Administrator who will arrange a different one.

Once your Observer believes you have reached the standard required by the IAM for Membership, they will tell their Senior Observer and between you you will arrange a Second Opinion ride. This, in effect, is a mock IAM test where, as the name suggests, you get a second opinion from a more qualified rider. If the Senior Observer agrees with the Observer that you are up to test standard he will give you an IAM test application form for you to fill in and send to the IAM (naturally, if you wish to apply for the IAM Test earlier, you are free to do so). If there are still a few points about your riding that he feels need to be polished he will let you know and you can either contact your Observer for more guidance or, if you feel confident that those faults pointed out are minor, practice a little more while your application is processed by the IAM. It is not necessary to be a member of a Group to take the test as it's open to anyone upon application to the IAM but the guidance given by Groups such as WYAMs is very helpful.

Once the IAM has processed your application, the Examiner will telephone you to arrange a date and time for the test which you will, if you are good enough on the day, pass. If you fail, it's not the end of the world and a re-test can be arranged after some more observed rides.

Once you have passed the test and been accepted into Full Membership of the IAM, your Associate Membership with WYAMs will become Full Membership. Once a Full Member of the Group you can go on to give a little of your time and experience by training to become an Observer. Although this is not necessary and you need do nothing if you don't want to, it's a way to give a little of your experience to fellow motorcyclists who, like yourself not long ago,want to improve their riding beyond it's current standard.

Among other methods of Observer training, special training days are conducted periodically where you will be guided not only on the practical aspects of motorcycling but in methods of observing and picking up on points about an Associate's riding. On these days, tests will also be carried out on those wishing to qualify as Observers and also on those whose qualification has lapsed. Unlike the IAM qualification, for which there is no mandatory re-qualification. Observers must re-qualify periodically if they wish to continue observing.