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Your riding will improve. After studying Motorcycle Roadcraft and applying its principles, after practising the lessons you have learned from your Observer and after becoming a rider competent enough to pass the IAM motorcycle test your riding will have undergone a transformation. As an Advanced Rider you will always be in the correct position, traveling at the correct speed in the correct gear to negotiate any hazard or obstacle you encounter. Your riding will be smooth and safe. You will gain that skill coveted in every discipline whereby you do a job with sparkle, panache and an apparent lack of effort.

Insurance companies will offer you discounts. Many insurance companies recognise the fact that an Advanced Rider is much less likely to have an accident than the average rider. They recognise the fact that in the unfortunate event of an accident that the Advanced Rider is less likely to be at fault and that they won't have to pay out, the other company will. It's cold comfort to be injured in an accident knowing that it's the other person's fault but the insurance companies also recognise the fact that an accident involving an Advanced Rider is likely to be less severe both in terms of injuries and physical damage to the machines involved. This leads many of them to offer discounts to Advanced Riders. The IAM now offers its own insurance via a brokerage firm and several leading insurers. This scheme can offer significant benefits.

Your riding will continue to improve. As a member of West Yorkshire Advanced Motorcyclists you will have the opportunity to train as an Observer. You will continue to reassess your riding and be able to exchange ideas and riding tips with other like minded people. If there's something about your riding you feel could be developed further there is going to be somebody that you can talk to. They will be able to explain the way that they approach that aspect of riding and you can try other methods to see if they fit your individual riding style and bring your development in that sphere.

Your machine will last longer. The components of any machine are sensitive to undue stress. With your smooth riding style and improved use of gears, brakes and engine the consumable items such as brake pads, chains/sprockets and fuel will go further. Naturally, items such as oil, spark plugs and air filters have recommended replacement intervals and these will not change. Your engine will last longer due to having less stress placed on it by your smooth riding and motorcycle sympathy.

Pillion passengers will prefer riding with you. A pillion will always prefer a smooth, progressive ride to one that suffers jarring movements. Your pillion will notice the difference once you have learned to plan ahead and react in plenty of time to hazards that arise on your journey.